13 December 2012

Penyokong Harimau Malaya Mesti Baca Ni

Arrigo Brovedani: The Lone Udinese Fan With the Heart of a Thousand

Udinese Fan

Give that man a medal.

Meet Arrigo Brovedani, the man who has become something of a hero after turning up to support his beloved Udinese only to find out that no other Udinese fans bothered to show up to see their side in action away at Sampdoria.

Wine merchant Mr Brovedani told the BBC he had not expected to find many fellow supporters from Udinese,
“But I went there thinking I’d find five or six other people,” the Udinese fan said.
“I went into the stadium while they [Udinese] were warming up. I shouted and said ‘hi’ to the team.
“When I went in the local fans booed me, I felt a bit offended.
“But in the end they clapped and invited me for coffee and a meal, and the club managers gave me a shirt. They wished me a merry Christmas.”
  Mr Brovedani lives in Fruili, where Udinese are based, but happened to be Genoa on business and therefore hadn’t made the four hour drive simply to watch his side play. However this shouldn’t lessen the new found glory he has received. He manfully cheered his side on and single-handedly helped his side to only their second away win of the season.

Mr Brovedani continues
“I like the stadium in Genoa, it’s very similar to English stadiums,” he said. “I always take my flag and scarf around – they’re always in the car with me.”

Udinese have invited Arrigo to watch the club’s next home match in a private box but he should really be taken to all the club’s remaining away games as some sort of club mascot, or perhaps handed a very brief playing contract so that he can achieve his dream and represent the Zebrette.
Arrigo Brovedani. We salute you.

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